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Jul. 29th, 2010 | 09:17 pm
mood: indifferent

Just wrote a long entry only to have my phone spazz out on me & close the browser.

Ah well. Meme time. Can't copy & paste, but jimmy_says once did this, and now taiteilijasielu has dug it up from the grave.

Ask me questions. Loads. I want at least around 15! Then when I feel there are enough, I will answer them on a video that I will post here. So basically instead of questions you can also ask me to show something, or whatever you like! I'm very excited to do this so get crackin' beauties!

I'm moving Sunday. Then will have internet!! My laptop's fucked though, half the keys don't work... Ack. Well birthday's only 3 & a half months away! :)

Proper entry soonish! Mwah mwah my pretties, I miss you all!!

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Apr. 20th, 2010 | 02:04 pm
location: work
mood: cheerfulcheerful
music: Jet - Are You Gonna Be My Girl

Okay I've been terrible at updating again. Life's just busy, I mainly work or sleep. I do want to update but don't know what of. So if you lovely people could tell me what you want to know? Ask questions or give me subjects to get you up to date on. No limit on the amount of things you want to know, the more the better! And also no limitations on subjects etc, whatever you like to know haha! Shall screen comments should you like to stay anonymous... ;)

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May. 1st, 2008 | 11:20 pm

add me & comment.

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(no subject)

Feb. 11th, 2008 | 04:34 am
mood: peacefulpeaceful

I'd love it if you did this :)


1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. One love note, but it does not have to be for me.
5. Lyrics to a song.
6. How old you are.
7. How long we've been friends.
8. And a hint to who you are.
9. After you do it for me, put it in your LJ and see who does it for you.

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icon!spam 7

Sep. 9th, 2007 | 12:20 am
mood: busybusy
music: Levelload

I'm not all that immensily proud of this batch of icons (I am of a selected few though!), it's just a collection of whatever I've been doing lately. Yes I know most of you have never heard of most of these bands hahaha.. Oh well...

---01 - Arctic Monkeys
02-05 - Assembly Now
---06 - Cameron Diaz
---07 - Charlize Theron
---08 - The Editors
---09 - Heather Graham
10-11 - IAMX
12-14 - Levelload
15-20 - Look See Proof
---21 - Kate Beckinsale
---22 - Nicole Kidman
23-26 - Robots in Disguise
---27 - Shakira
28-35 - Sohodolls
36-43 - Spice Girls
---44 - The Strokes
---45 - Thirteen Senses
46-48 - Lyrical [46-Look See Proof, 47-Mew, 48-Circuits]

credit to colorfilter / colorfilter.net + bands myspaces etc.

Teasers yay

+45Collapse )

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it's not a lot to ask for..

Jun. 29th, 2007 | 05:25 pm
mood: blahblah
music: The Talkies - Shame Shame Shame

I'd like to apologise for not commenting on most of your journals... I feel bad, and I'll try (once again) to do better from now on.

A few weeks back I had my Uni qualification exams, or whatever you'd actually call them.. I don't think I passed, and I don't really seem to care (anyone know when school actually starts if I do get in btw?)

Anyways. That same weekend we moved houses. My room is still a mess and most of my stuff are in boxes cause I don't really have storage space, but I don't really mind, as long as I have somewhere to live.. eh?

Before we go to the "important" part of the entry, I'd like to point out that Nick and Nicky are actually two different people... Okay, now that we got that out of the way..

On Tuesday, the 12th of June, I left for London. First I got a ride to the bus station, then took the bus to Tampere, where I took another bus to the Tampere/Pirkkala airport. My flight arrived in London Standsted at around midnight. Took a bus to Marble Arch, then left for the exact opposite direction than where I was supposed to go, got angry at myself and took a taxi to my hostel. The guy behind the counter annoyed me, and making your own bed in a room full of sleeping people is quite... hard.

I slept quite badly, but I did sleep. I got up at ten, after trying to sleep by forcing my eyes closed for an hour.... didn't work, obviously. I walked to the nearby shop to get shampoo and toothpaste (since I was yet again not prepared with 100ml bottles that are the maximum at airports nowadays..), and then got back to the hostel and read a book for the hour while this guy at my room got ready at the bathroom... sheesh.

I showered, changed, and then went for lunch at McDonald's.. It was still only like 1:30, and Autum wouldn't show up until 3, so I walked around record stores and such, before finally going to the Bayswater tube station to meet up with her. I recognized her immediately, and we realized our difference in height wasn't really as big as we thought it would have been. We walked around London trying to find a place to eat ice cream at, but couldn't find any.. Finally after having actually gotten mildly lost twice, we settled for milkshakes at a McDonald's.

While sitting there we talked about everything and nothing and decided to go buy paper and felt tip pens to draw Benny (lead singer of Circuits) a birthday card (his birthday was on the 20th). This decision led to us getting lost for the third time within a few hours... Eventually we found a shop that would sell those things but instead of buying paper and pens, we bought a "Happy 50th Birthday!" card and glittery pens! And with our treasures we once again resorted to the nearest McDonald's to draw and write on the card as well as to drink coffee.

We sat in the McDonald's for a long while, talking about Circuits and which one of them would look the best in a skirt... I gave Autum a bag of salted liquorice (salmiakkia), and she actually liked it! Kept going "...Wow, this is... STRANGE!" hahaha. Once we got bored enough, we started getting towards the venue that the boys were going to play at. We walked past the venue, and Autum suddenly started worrying about not getting into the venue at all... See, at the door it read they only accepted passports and driver's licenses as valid form of I.D., and Autum only had a student I.D... We were still half an hour early so we went for coffee at Starbucks, and then finally braved the scary bouncer at the doorway of Metro.

We asked the man when the doors were going to open, and he said they already were open.. And we walked in. Neither of us got asked for I.D.! I was very happy and surprised by that haha. I told the girl behind the counter that I was on the Circuits guest list, told her my name and she told me to go in. Autum told her the same and had to pay £4! (The actual ticket cost was £17, but the main act of the night, The Mooney Suzuki, had apparently taken up all the free gl spaces.. I think the boys had paid my £4 for me :D)

Once we walked into the club, we spotted Simon (bassist) and Nick (drummer) immediately, and both of their faces lit up when they saw us and I was probably smiling like an idiot. I shook hands with Simon, but he then stood up and hugged me, as well as gave me the French cheek kisses. Then I shook hands with Nick as well, and we chatted for a while, Simon making sure I got in for free an all. After a while Benny showed up, hugged and kissed me on the cheek, asking me how I was, and I asked him how his throat was, which I got the answer of "very sore, thanks, would you like a drink?"

Benny introduced me to Robin Harris, the guy that does most of their "official" photography and owes me a drink, Tommy C, their webguy, and Matt, his brother & Circuits' manager.. The scary part was that all of them seemed to recognize me hahaha.

"We got you a birthday card..."
"A card? For me?! Awww you shouldn't have...! My birthday isn't until next week, should I save it until then?"
"...You're gonna kill us ... "
"*laughs*..So I should save it then?"
"Naaaww we wanna see your face when you read it!"
"Alright, then..."

*opens the envelope and reads it silently for a while, grinning and muttering "fuckers..." under his breath*
"...I'm NOT fifty..!!"

He then said that he had something for me as well and got an envelope from his bag, which contained singles of Pistols at Dawn & Say No Say Yeah, and a pink Circuits shirt (which is too small by the way haha) and a black badge (I had a red, blue and gray one before)..

Soon after this the guys got up and went to do some pre-show talk routine, and then walked to us, Benny nodding his head towards the stage to notify us that they were gonna take on the stage.

We stood at the very front, and I filmed as much live video of the boys as I could, as I had promised so. I also took a few pictures that didn't turn out all that well as I took them in a hurry in between recording video.

"This is going to be our next single... And it's dedicated to Jann.. It's Called Young Enough Not To Care."

It was the first time anyone had ever dedicated a song to me and only me, by name, and it made me smile like a proper idiot. At around the third last song Robin came up to me, "Jann..? Jann, right? Can you record video with that? Can you record as much as you can from now on, they're not letting me use my camera.." I felt quite important at that point hahaha.

The set was great and the guys were better live than I had expected. We went back to sit down with Autum, and Benny came swinging by telling us they'd be right with us after getting their gear off the stage, and soon they did come up. I chatted with Nick, Benny and Simon mostly on the night, although Nick left quite early...

At one point I talked with Benny about my Finnish friends that had been at their show a few weeks earlier, "Yeah, we treated them well as you told us to, and even walked them to the tube station, being the gentlemen we are! And well, they were nice and all, but they weren't you, you know?" Awwwww.

The whole night is sort of a blur, I don't remember a thing that I talked with Nick, altough I know I did talk with him, but I did record him and Benny dancing to the main band of the evening, The Mooney Suzuki (which we all anonymously decided were shit hahaha.)... When Nick left I grabbed him and took a picture of us, and that's all I really remember...

With Simon I chatted quite alot, as I gave him salted liquorice (as I brought the rest of the band chocolate, but he doesn't really like chocolate) and he told me he'd lived in Denmark at some point and really loves salted liquorice! I was slightly disappointed at him liking it, but luckily he soon offered some to Benny who couldn't even eat the one piece he got, and ... you just should've seen his face, it was hilarious.

Anyways, after giving Si his liquorice, he started listing me scandinavian food he wanted me to send him.. I don't remember anything really that he said, except the one thing that he wrote into my phone, called "remoulade" which is some sort of a cold sauce thing.. similar to mayonaise, I think.. I kept laughing at his enthusiasm and he kept going "STOP LAUGHING AT ME!!"

I told Benny that I already had both of the singles he'd given me, and he was dazzled, telling me he had told his brother (=their manager) to put in 7" of the singles, including Radio Silence 7".. He then promised to send me the promo of Young Enough Not To Care to make it up to me, cause he was feeling really bad about it all, haha. He also all of a sudden informed me that he'd got two tickets for Thursday's Wireless festival, and asked if I wanted to go. I told him I had my flight, but I'd see if I could rearrange it a day or two forwards and let him know. He gave me his number and told me to text him in either case.

At some point Si and Ben decided that it was time to leave. We hugged and kissed eachother's cheeks goodbye but .. I'm not sure how it happened but eventually I ended up leaving with them, leaving Autum with a few nice people we met at the club...

We walked/stumbled to the tube station, laughing at eachother's drunkenness and the guys asked me where I was headed. "Bayswater", said I. "Where the fuck's that? Si, do you know where is Bayswater?", said Benny. After a while we ended up with the solution that I would stay the night on the sofa of Costa Del Circuits, and then go to my Hostel in the morning when it's more likely I'll find it.

So there we sat on the tube, Si falling asleep to my left, Benny to my right. Simon was a bit angry at Benny for asking me to go to the festival with him, as Simon's favourite band (Queens of the Stone Age) were playing, so Ben said he could go with me if he wanted to. I then told them that it's very likely I couldn't go at all so they could just go the two of them...

We got off the tube at the right station, walked like 15 minutes to the house, which was quite a nice house indeed. Three floors and a bit of a mess, but I felt at home there to be honest... I asked Benny for the toilet and he made me climb all the way to the third floor where his room/toilet was.. The toilet had no lock on it and if I had been more sober I probably would have felt very uncomfortable. I then returned downstairs where Simon had made Nicky and his girlfriend try salted liquorice and neither had liked it haha..

Simon went to bed then, Ben had never returned downstairs after leading me up, and Nicky started explaining to me how to get "the most out of these sofas". He pushed them together to sort of form a double-bed, and then brought me a pile of blankets and pillows, showing me how their TV worked and asked if he should turn the lights off or leave them on.. asking "you sure?" for like five times... I turned off the TV and fell asleep almost immediately.

picturesvideospicturesyeahCollapse )

In the morning, since Jenn (Nicky's girlfriend, and the lead singer of The Talkies) had promised me a lift to the tube station when driving Nicky and herself to work, so I had my alarm on at 7... at around 7:40 Nicky came in with a chipper smile asking if I had slept well. I told him yes, really well, and it wasn't even a lie... The sofa had been amazingly comfy, never have I slept on a sofa before without being sore in the morning...

Nicky ran around the livingroom for five minutes chanting "Where's my shoes? Where did I take them off last night?" over and over. Eventually he found them behind a guitar amp, and Jenn drove us to a tube station. I hugged Nicky goodbye and he said that he'd hopefully see me later that day if I managed to get the other flights and got to go to the festival with Benny..

I got to my hostel, got my stuff and checked out, then looked up flights... no luck, they were all so expensive. I texted Ben about this and I hope he got it as he didn't reply...

Then I had about four hours to waste. I walked around record stores and stuff, then sat at a internet cafe for an hour, exchanging messages with Simon and hearing that he probably wouldn't make it to the festival either as he went to get a tattoo later that evening, and didn't know how long it would take.

When I walked to the bus stop to get to Standsted airport, I heard the Wireless festival going on and got kind of sad about not being there... I ended up sleeping through the bus ride, then sat at a cafe at Standsted, reading for a while... I payed for my coffee in small change and then found a £5 bill in my pocket, hahahaha. oops.

Finland was dull and cold and rainy and just plain old blah... I always get kind of depressed after a few days of truly enjoying my life, and then having to return to normal.. But once I woke up the next morning, I found a comment from Benny on my MySpace... "did you get ok my dear? xx"

The following Monday Benny posted a blog on their MySpace mentioning me, and scared me as I was almost sure he'd posted a picture of me sleeping on the sofa, but luckily he just posted a picture of the sofa without me and confirming that he ended up going to the Festival with Nicky.

Yeah. I was supposed to add other stuff into this entry but it grew to be so long that I don't think it would be too wise hahaha. Sorry it took two weeks again, I'm such a lazy updater!!

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icon!spam 6

Apr. 17th, 2007 | 06:30 pm
mood: contentcontent
music: circuits

♥ 20 x Arctic Monkeys
♥ 20 x Robots in Disguise
♥ 16 x Delays
♥ 24 x Delays - Nearer Than Heaven
♥ 12 x Sohodolls
♥ 06 x Kaiser Chiefs
♥ 03 x Miscellaneous (SOLDOUT & The Cinematics)

EQUALS;; 101

CREDITS;; bauble. wake_up_88 & arctic_media, colourscientist, official sites & myspaces of bands.
if something you see here belongs to you, pleasee let me know!


you try to resist. you try to resist.Collapse )

..please comment & credit if taking. thank you. ♥

do not, I repeat, do not hotlink. I don't want broken images cause my photobucket ran out of bandwith.

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icon!spam 5

May. 5th, 2003 | 03:57 am
mood: artisticartistic
music: The Distillers - I Am Revenant

[backdated - actually posted february 20th, 2007]

♥ 11 x Arctic Monkeys
♥ 12 x Brody Dalle
♥ 43 x Delays
♥ 12 x Final Fantasy VIII & IX (because I'm a geek)
♥ 08 x IAMX/Chris Corner/Sue Denim
♥ 16 x Robots in Disguise
♥ 08 x The Used

EQUALS;; 110 x icon.

CREDITS;; peoplemachines & girlcalledkill.org.

PICTURES;; Brody / robots in disguise 2 / Final Fantasies.
Arctic Monkeys, Delays, IAMX & The Used pictures have been on my computer too long for me to remember where they're from :(


...and then it came off in my handCollapse )

..please comment & credit if taking. thank you. ♥

do not, I repeat, do not hotlink. I don't want broken images cause my photobucket ran out of bandwith.


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icon!spam 4

Apr. 4th, 2003 | 02:02 pm
mood: coldcold
music: Sugarcult - How Does It Feel?

[backdated - actually posted august 28th, 2006]

Yesterday I was in the mood of making icons. All but the last three Mew icons are freshly baked & out of the oven. Enjoy ~

[ 07 ] - Ashlee Simpson
[ 05 ] - Frank Iero
[ 14 ] - Mew
[ 06 ] - Noel Fielding / The Mighty Boosh
[ 11 ] - Lyrical Text-icons

= 43 x icon.
credit: girlcalledkill.org


click me.Collapse )

Once again. Comment if you take, or even if you just like. I do accept criticism, too. Credit if you use.
Do not hotlink these. I repeat, DO NOT HOTLINK THESE. I will notice, as my photobucket's bandwith use skyrockets. If it does that, the icons will be deleted.
All of these icons are compatible with MSN, as they're 96x96 pixels. Feel free to use them there, too.

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icon!spam 3

Mar. 3rd, 2003 | 12:52 am
mood: chipperchipper
music: Good Charlotte - Riot Girl

[backdated - actually posted july 7th, 2006]

I've made tons of icons in the past months, but as I'm veryy picky, you only get to see thirty. Mwuhahahahahaaa. ;)

♥ 10 x Adam Lazzara of Taking Back Sunday
♥ 01 x Bo Madsen of Mew
♥ 07 x Britney Spears
♥ 06 x Jonas Bjerre of Mew
♥ 06 x Pernille Rosendahl of Swan Lee

EQUALS;; 30 x icon.

CREDITS;; colorfilter / colorfilter.net.

britney spears pernille rosendahl adam lazzara

police, rescue, FBI..Collapse )

..please comment & credit if taking. thank you. ♥

do not, I repeat, do not hotlink. I don't want broken images cause my photobucket ran out of bandwith.

and yes, they're all fit to MSN, and no, you don't have to put in your screen name I made the icon if you use it. Just if someone asks, tell them, kay? ;)


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